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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

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Mobile Locksmith

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Lock & Key Replacement

Lock & Key Replacement

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This page compiles common inquiries and answers on locksmith services. See if your questions have been answered. Check out how you can save money and whether it is wise to replace the locks on your own and rekey them in a new house.

What is a drop bolt?

According to the expertise shared by the professionals at Locksmith La Mesa, a drop bolt is one which is designed to add security for a door in a way which is similar to that of a dead bolt. This type of bolt can be identified with the leaves that interlock the mechanism. These bolts add to the security of a door.

Should I get new keys when my landlord provided me with working ones?

Yes. The place would undoubtedly have been rented out by the landlord to other users previously. To ensure that appropriate security is setup, re-keying can be done. However, re-keying might not be the best alternative as a previous tenant could just try all the locks until their key would work. A better alternative is to completely change all the locks skipping simple re-keying.

Why can't I replace the locks on my own?

Security door locks are installed to keep the property well-protected and must be installed with great accuracy according to our locksmith company in La Mesa. On top of that, don't forget that some new high technology door locks might need expert hands and knowledge and the slightest mistake would compromise your security.

How can I save money on re-locking?

You can contact our technicians and you'll get a quotation before proceeding. A qualified professional is more likely to use the right installation techniques and save you money in the long run because you do not have to repeat the same job.

How can I keep my keys from getting stolen?

Keep your keys on you or in your bag but also your bag close to you. You must have the sense that no one can grab them – at least not easily. Also you must never leave them in public places and on tables.

What is the best solution for lost house key?

If the lock is in good condition and offers a high level of security, rekeying is a quick and effective solution. Otherwise, lock replacement will be best.

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